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In association with Ipswich Events Corp.,Ipswich Mall - Nov. 2005

The cast of Snow-White gather around

Snow White reads to the dwarfs

The Wicked-Stepmother has her toe bitten!

Pictures taken at some of the fabulous Christmas Pantomimes we have staged in the Ipswich Mall between 2003 - 2008

Brenna Lee-Cooney

Fractal Youth Theatre

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FRACTAL YOUTH THEATRE was established in 2000 as an 
ensemble training programme for young people in the Ipswich area. 

 The focus of the workshops is improvisation and imaginative play.
Young actors are encouraged to feel comfortable in expressing their ideas and emotions in a supportive group atmosphere.
New scripts are written annually for each group and each participant has roughly an 'equal' role to play. There are no 'stars' - and no 'underlings'
Workshops are conducted by Brenna Lee-Cooney.
The Little Convicts
1st Place 2001
The Curse
1st Place 2003

Whako McCoy
Would you buy from him??

liza-jane and cousin yupel

2001  'The Little Convicts'
 by Brenna Lee-Cooney
1st Prize  Ipswich Junior Drama Festival -
Best Male Actor - Finn Gilfedder-Cooney
Encouragement Award - Imogen Gilfedder-Cooney
Adjudicator's Choice - Caroline Plant,
2002  'The Runaway Imagination'
by Brenna Lee-Cooney
3rd Prize  Ipswich Junior Drama Festival -
2003 'Queen Mag' 
by Eugene Gilfedder
1st Prize Brisbane Arts Theatre Junior Play Festival.
Best Male Actor - Nicholas Plant                                      
Adjudicator's Choice Award -  Best Costume/Make-up Design - Brenna Lee-Cooney                                                                         
Special Mentions - Finn Gilfedder-Cooney, Nicholas Plant

2004  'The Curse'  by Eugene Gilfedder                                       1st Prize Ipswich Junior Drama Festival                    

Best Female Actor - Imogen Gilfedder-Cooney                           

Best Male Actor - Nicholas Plant                                     

Encouragement Award - Finn Gilfedder-Cooney

2005  'Ghost Story'  by Eugene Gilfedder                                  1st Prize Ipswich Senior Drama Festival                  

Best Female Actor - Siobhan Kissel                                               

Best Male Actor - Finn Gilfedder-Cooney                                 

Actor's Encouragement Award - Nicholas Plant                 

Adjudicator's Choice Awards -                                              Imogen Gilfedder-Cooney,Elena Floyd-Smith, Cara Bradbury, Kitty Bye



Ipswich Festival 2005
Imogen Gilfedder-Cooney Vocals/Guitar/Fiddle
Finn Gilfedder-Cooney Drums/Fiddle/Spoons/Dancin'

2006 'The Pirate Game' by Eugene Gilfedder                    2nd Place Ipswich Junior Drama Festival (under12)           

Best Junior Actor Sullivan Thompson                               Encouragement Award Siobhan Leske

2006 'The Alienator'
by Brenna Lee-Cooney
1st Prize at The Ipswich Drama Festival
2nd Prize at Ipswich Little Theatre Festival
3rd Prize at Brisbane Arts Theatre Festival
Best Actor (twice) Fletcher Thompson
Best Actress Imogen Gilfedder-Cooney
Encouragement awards to:Finn Gilfedder-Cooney,                  Elena Flloyd-Smith,Nicholas Plant,Kyle Breese
Other Nominations included
Best Actor -Finn Gilfedder-Cooney
Best Supporting Actress - Siobhan Kissel
Special Commendation for Nils Hobiger Actor/Musician
2009  The Little Convicts
2nd place Under 18's  Brisbane Arts Theatre Play Festival
2010  'Classic Concerts in Historic Homes'
'Midsummer Night's Dream Fairies'
2010  Sleeping Beauty Down Under

 2011  Dr Hu Comes to Ipswich? (Anywhere Theatre Festival)
Queen Mag (Anywhere Theatre Festival)

2012     Whatever Happened to Humpty?
The Pirate Game

2013   The Alienator  1st Prize Brisbane Arts Theatre

Snow White and the 7 Rather Short People 
2nd Prize Ipswich Little Theatre

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